The Herbert Hart Award for Writing Military History

The Council on America’s Military Past (CAMP) is pleased to announce the Herbert Hart Award for Writing Military History for 2023.

Col. Herbert Hart, USMC (Ret.), was a mainstay of CAMP: co-founder, official historian, prolific author, and Heliogram editor, in addition to being the executive director who grew the organization and just plain made things happen. Col. Hart, who died in 2015, was one of the nation’s leading authorities on western forts.

CAMP aims to honor Col. Hart and encourage scholarship in this field by inviting submissions of original, previously unpublished, scholarly articles that address a topic at the intersection of American military history and historic preservation. CAMP especially welcomes submissions from undergraduate and graduate students, as well as first-time authors.

The winner will be awarded $1,000 and a one-year membership in CAMP. His or her article will be featured in a future issue of the Journal of America’s Military Past.

Articles must be no more than 5,000 words and written in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style. One submission per person only, please. Articles submitted must note the entrant’s name, mailing address, telephone number, and any academic affiliation.

Entries must be emailed to by March 1, 2023. Entries will be acknowledged by email and judged by the CAMP Editorial Board. The winning submission will be announced in the Journal and the Heliogram.

Articles that meet the criteria can be seen at CAMP’s website, A good example is a cover story a few years ago on Custer and Little Big Horn that looked at the battlefield then and now. Other successful stories feature historic military posts, and the men and women who inhabited them. CAMP has a broad definition of military posts, to include historic ships and airplanes.

Contact with questions.