Welcome to CAMP

Council on America’s Military Past (CAMP) is one of the leading national military history organizations dedicated to preserving, interpreting and sharing our military heritage.

Our purpose is to identify, memorialize, preserve and publicize America’s military history including the structures and facilities used by our soldiers, the living conditions, customs and traditions of our men and women in uniform, and the progress and purpose of United States military organizations.

We search out and study all phases of our country’s military past, from the stockade forts of early New England to the adobe presidios of the southwest, and from the temporary camps and battlefields of our colonial militia to the sophisticated coastal fortifications of the twentieth century. Our interest and projects have included study and preservation of military posts, ships, aircraft and missile systems as well as the role of the military in the founding and protection of the nation, from the first European explorers  to the Cold War conflicts and our modern military establishment. In addition, we also publish records of military personnel, sites and events that are, or have been, significant to the defense of the United States, as well as disseminate information pertaining to military history preservation activities.

We welcome all who share our interest in military history. Check out our web pages to learn about the organization and our preservation and interpretation activities. Then jump to the membership page to learn how you can join us and help preserve our military heritage.

Council on America’s Military Past-USA, Inc.
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