Spectacular Special Yount-Windsor Auction Offer

Through the kind offices of member Captain (Ret.) Paul Peak, USCG, CAMP is able to offer these two collectorís mint-condition sets for sale.

The first offer is the complete hard-cover first twelve volumes published of MHQ, The Quarterly Journal of Military History. This journal is possibly the most authoritative, interesting, and useful of all the military history journals now being published (except of course our own Journal).I have used articles about different wars and events in military history from MHQ in my classes, as research for my own writing, and for enjoyable reading and learning.This is truly a valuable resource.

The detailed inventory is: Vol. 1-12, Nos. 1-4 of each volume, plus vol. 5, No 5, the cumulative index for the first 5 vols.; Primedia Enthusiast Pub; Leesburg, VA; 1988-2000.[49 issues, hardbound].Subscription prices range from $40 to $50 for four issues.

These 49 volumes will be available at the annual auction.Or can be bought now as a set at eight dollars each, a below market-price value, for $392.00 for the set plus delivery costs.

The set contained in this second offer is an ideal addition to any military history library especially as the ideal gift for a younger student of military history.This offer is eight volumes of the West Point Military History Series developed and written by the faculty of the Military Academy. These seven perfect-bound and one paperback books cover : Ancient and Medieval Warfare,; Dawn of Modern Warfare; Early American Wars and Military Institutions; Wars of Napoleon; American Civil War; The Great War; Second World War, Europe and Mediterranean; and, the Second World War, Asia and Pacific.In near-mint condition the bidding for these volumes starts at $17 each, for $136.00 plus delivery costs for this essential series.

If more than one bid at these prices is received, CAMP will either conduct a virtual auction among the bidders, or carry the auction forward to the June meeting, at CAMPís discretion.

Contact Martin Gordon (martinkgordon@gmail.com) to bid or for more details.